Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strategy -Ten Reasons to Rethink Your Strategic Plan

1 Your customers have changed - physically. With mergers, take-overs and buy outs many are no longer in business or at least not in the same business.

2 Your customers have changed - mentally. The mind set is very different. The “recession” thinking has companies cutting back and reducing their workforce. Your product positioning has to change.

3 Your customers have changed organizationally. They do business in very different ways with the new technologies.

4 Your competitors have changed – physically. Just like your customers they may have been subject to major changes. Many organizations are in disarray after the cost cutting mergers or buy outs. Opportunity!!!!

5 Your competitors have changed – strategically. Our findings indicate that many have no strategic plan. Therefore your plan can have dramatic impact.

6 You may have changed. You are smaller, leaner, more focused. How can you capitalize on the increased speed that it brings?

7 Your channels have changed. The dot coms brought many new ideas. The goods ones stuck.

8 Your opportunities have changed. Companies that are ready can really capitalize on the upswing that is certainly going to happen as the economy improves.

9 Your available talent pool has changed. Many top quality people are available and loyalty has taken another knock. Trade up and get the right people.

10 Your outsourcing opportunities have changed. Successful companies outsource all but their core competencies.

Consultants are available to help you create a new plan. Get a good one.


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