Monday, February 11, 2008

How Small Business CEO’s Can Afford World Class IT Services

Most small to medium sized businesses recognize the strength of, and need to use, Information Technology (IT). Some have not yet reached a size where it is practical to have their own IT Department, while others have a small IT Department but are questioning how best to grow and control that capability.

IT is clearly outside of the core competencies of the Maver Management Group. Dean Lane is an associate of ours and runs his own IT consulting businesses. He has in-depth background and experience in managing the improvement of IT and company operations serving as CIO and interim CIO for a number of large and small companies. He knows his stuff and has written several books as well as this article that has been published in its entirety in a CEO Forum.

Most small businesses can’t afford or don’t need a full time CIO but would still like to have that expertise on tap when it is needed. So what’s a small business to do?

This will come as no surprise on a consulting website, but there are impressive CIOs available on an interim and/or part time basis who can successfully address and resolve these and other concerns. They have been a CIO multiple times before and are skilled at developing, deploying and maintaining an effective IT organization that aligns with enterprise business objectives.

The benefits of putting a CIO on retainer is more than just a cost effective and rapid way to get executive level attention focused on your needs. These individuals bring expertise to bear that only be gained by years of experience doing the job of a CIO. A few other benefits to your organization are that these are individuals that:
· Have been there before and resolved, at least once, the issues you are facing
· Have specific industry and business knowledge
· Can provide interim assistance for a period of time that you determine
· Are willing to work on a fixed fee or time and material basis
· Come with proven approaches and methodologies in all IT areas

Finally, these retained CIOs can negotiate a contract with, and oversee, an Application Service Provider (ASP). ASPs provide information technology solutions to small businesses. Customers of ASPs initially see cost savings and a quick deployment time. The ASP model provides small businesses an alternative to the high fixed costs associated with software projects as well as the impact of these projects being over budget and past deadline. The ASP model allows the small business to refrain from purchasing hardware and software. Another cost saving is that of IT staffing (systems and database administrators, systems analysts, developers, etc., etc.). The savings could more than pay for the investment in the CIO.

For more in depth information visit Dean Lane’s website at He can help you find the right CIO for your business.

Its all about sticking to your core competencies and outsourcing to get the right expert to move your business to the next level.


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