Friday, April 4, 2008

Just for YOU -Executive Mentoring, Counsel & Coaching

Most CEOs and senior executives know where they want to go. They just need someone that has been there to guide them and show them how to get to their goals.

They lead what can be a very lonely life, despite the many people in their organization or around them. Here’s why and it holds true for CEOs and all senior executives with only some slight differences. CEOs can’t readily bounce ideas off their Board or share problems with them. The Board will want well thought out solutions and will expect the CEO or senior executive to have them. The CEO can’t share openly with his executive team. They, too, expect strong leadership not self doubts or questions about the direction of the company. They want well thought out plans so that they know exactly where they are going and what to do. The CEO can’t readily share with their spouse since they won’t have the level of experience on the business and enough information about any issue to provide unbiased support. They are often limited to “You’ll know the right answer dear.”

So to where or to whom can the CEO turn? The answer is to a knowledgeable and trusted mentor, counsel, coach. This individual has generally been where the CEO wants to go, has significant experience and has a “desk side” manner that enables him to provide the unbiased feedback and guidance that the CEO REALLY needs.

There are a number of sources all of whom claim to be able to fulfill this need. However many will try to drive their own objectives and not the CEO’s or the senior executive's. Do some checking. Pick the right advisor and you will never regret it.

These advisors can help you:
- Provide an unbiased but experienced sounding board to review your ideas, issues and opportunities with you.
- Help you create your vision and agenda.
- Identify your true talents and find ways to showcase your value to those around you.
- Be a thinking partner to plot a new course for your department or company.
- Provide assistance in reestablishing your priorities as well as a balance between your work and life.
- Learn to look forward, but work backwards. Decide what you want in your future and then make a clear plan to get there.
- Determine the value of risk vs. playing it safe.
- Be a better leader. Everybody's looking for a leader to follow. Make magic happen and everyone will follow you.
- Charisma is a teachable skill. You can learn it.
- Select what you want to accomplish and who you need on your team to get there.
- Learn how to practice 'laser business skills' vs. 'don't make waves.'
- Grasp the concepts that your feelings aren't facts and that your thoughts create your destiny.
- Find ways to make acquisitions, mergers, and right sizing all a normal part of business.
- Acknowledge that change is inevitable and get used to it.
- Find many things to celebrate along the road to success and the right people with whom to celebrate.

"I feel as though I have someone accompanying me on this journey - someone to bounce ideas off and someone who will give me direct and honest comments about whether I am being true to myself and the business in the process."
CEO client

There are multiple studies by top research firms concluding that failing to get help is one of the top reasons that business and executives fail. CEOs are in place for a shorter and shorter time as are all other C level executives. Every day counts.

At the Maver Management Group, we have served as advisors to many CEOs and senior executives across a broad range of industries. Their feedback has been consistent in that they valued not only the expertise, but the personal friendship that developed through mutual respect.

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