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Leadership - John Pepper

John Pepper is the ex-CEO and Chairman of the Board of Procter & Gamble. Not only did he lead the company to dramatic growth globally and set in place strategies for future growth and profitability, he is an exemplary leader. He inspires people and makes them achieve more than they ever thought possible. I have had the privilege of working for John several times during my 23 years with P&G.

In his book “What Really Matters” John Pepper reviews many of the leadership lessons from his 40+ year career at Procter & Gamble and his work outside with United Way, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and Yale University. I am reprinting an excerpt from the book here. The complete book is outstanding and I highly recommend it for all executives.

John Pepper’s model for effective personal leadership is:

Leadership Mission
To guide and enable outstanding accomplishments and purposeful growth of individuals and institutions to help create and sustain a purposeful future.

Key Attributes of a Leader
* Develops strong personal character – starting with integrity.
* Believes deeply and passionately in the purpose of the organization. A huge appetite to win. The team comes first. “One team. One Dream.”
* Commits and makes a huge personal contribution while helping others to be all they can be.
* Challenges the status quo constantly. Always seeking to improve.
* Conveys deep respect and trust in others and the despite to help them grow.
* Pursues and stands up for he/she believes in with wisdom courage and persistence.

Key Leadership Skill Behaviors
Envision – Create the future and change the game.
Engage – Build relationships and collaborations.
Energize – Inspire people, gain enrollment and commitment.
Enable – Build capability to deliver results.
Execute – show the way in delivering superior winning results.

Go get the book.


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Lewis Green said...

Thanks for sharing John. Pepper is a model all executives should aspire to follow.