Friday, September 12, 2008

Time for a tune up for you and your company?

You're back from summer vacation. But do you really want to go back to business as usual? Did you find that you were working much longer hours and not achieving all the results that you had wanted? Our experience has been that when the economy becomes tight, companies benefit from an effectiveness check. Much like your car does when you take it in for a tune up to make those adjustments that keep it running right. This covers the basic analysis of what is and what is not working, resetting the processes and reviewing the use of your resources to help cut costs and increase the output they generate.

That's why we're offering you our Back-to-Work specials. Choose one from these packages.

1 Analyze and identify key challenges that impact your profitability with recommendations for how to deal with them effectively and to navigate the profitability maze.
2 Document a current workflow process of an area that is problematic such as being inefficient or producing inconsistent results. The outcome will be put into a flow diagram format which will allow for better clarity, understanding and discussion.
3 Discuss and develop a management action plan to ensure employees understand their role in reaching key goals and get the information they need to perform.

Book before October 15 and our team will conduct two half-day sessions on one of these packages for $4,500 (25% off the regular rate). We will take the time to review the findings and recommendations with you and may even help get you started on the upgrades.

If you are outside the San Francisco Bay Area, there may be additional travel expenses if required. For our International clients, we will find a way for this to be a cost effective offer for you.

To reserve a time or for additional information, contact us at

Make this a great end to 2008. Let us help.


PS How does 4Views fit with Maver Management Group? In addition to serving our existing clients, The Maver Management Group has joined a team of senior consultants called 4Views. By employing a systemic approached based on Planning, People, Process and Profits — the 4Views — we are able to serve our clients even more thoroughly and produce actionable, measurable and sustainable results. We can help you navigate through the profitability maze.

Your Friends at 4Views,
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