Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Turnaround Management – Where did all the heroes go?

Many companies, in fact most companies, are struggling in the economic turmoil to find a way to turn the business around. They have cut the costs. Now what is next? They are left with chaos, confusion and cost ineffectiveness in most cases. How to get out of it? Where will they find that hero to save them?

Historically they would look for examples of leadership in other companies, industries or even non business. We had baseball heroes that would pitch brilliantly, shaking off the troubled start. Or hitters that would follow several strike outs with a home run to win the game. Or quarterbacks who would get up from being sacked to throw several touchdown passes. Or music stars who would rise from troubled childhoods to sing platinum album songs. Or movie stars who finally land the breakthrough part. Or even commercial icons like The Pillsbury Doughboy or Mr. Clean who stood for goodness.

In business, there were the business leaders who stood tall among all the rest and took their companies to market leadership and great profitability that was shared with all shareholders. Or politicians who had good values and we followed them despite party lines.

These were the heroes to whom we looked and got inspiration and guidance.

Where are these people now? The news is full of athletes who are breaking the law, musicians and actors who are on drugs or can not sustain a marriage for more than a few months. Some business leaders are taking outrageous bonuses when they are laying off people at the same time. And the politicians are generally despicable. What week goes by without some problem from one of our elected representatives?

Who will lead our companies out of this mess?

The answer is YOU!

You have to step up and lead your company out of the financial problems. Who else is there to do it? If you are the CEO, COO or any C level executive, it is up to you.

You may very well ask “How am I going to do that – lead the company out of this mess. We have already cut all we can cut.”

The answer is look around and find some guidance. The many articles on this site can be a start to help you develop the right plan. Invest in some consulting help. It isn’t an expense because the right consulting will pay for itself. Find those heroes who can provide the motivation and direction. They are still there. You just have to look for them. Let them into your business life and let them help you win.

If you don’t have a “hero” consultant already in mind, contact me. I can help you to turn your business around. I have solutions that stick to get you profitable and keep you profitable.

There are heroes around and you can be one of them.



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