Monday, October 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Branding is Important for B-2-B Companies

10 It makes products less sensitive in regard to price increases.

9 It can insulate the business from movement of sales people.

8 Branding will provide clarity to the decision process for the customer. Less time is needed to close the sale of an offering.

7 Research shows that it leads to a greater willingness to try a product or service by customers.

6 Branding increases customer loyalty

5 There is a willingness to award a larger share of purchase requirement by customers.

4 The clear focus enables you to “transfer” the goodwill from one product to another.

3 Branding generates higher barriers to entry for competition.

2 Branding ties together all of the activities of your company and provides focus.

AND the number 1 benefit of branding for B2B companies

It has been proven that branded products carry higher margins.

HIGHER margins.



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