Friday, September 26, 2014

Lessons from P&G – Making the Number

How’s business?  Are you and your company on track to deliver the promised results for the year? 

Do you require a boost in performance?

While this is written to address the companies who are not at desired levels, the basic message holds true for those that are doing well and want to continue the progress.

We are entering the last quarter of the calendar year and incremental effort may be required.  At Procter & Gamble, this was the time to call in the experienced help.  It wasn’t just the senior management.  It was getting advice and assistance from others who had fresh ideas and could identify opportunities.  They had the experience to know what would work and what could deliver the number without increasing the resources.

In today’s world companies generally have the financing required and of course the product ideas.  It is the experienced management talent that is often missing. That was a big difference compared to Procter & Gamble where there was an abundance of highly trained and experience management.

So what can a company do today?  In some instances, the C level executive has the skills but not the bandwidth.  In others both the skilled experience and the bandwidth are missing.  In either case, there is just something missing and there is a gap between the required result and the ability to deliver it.  How does a company close this gap without the time and great expense of searching for and hiring full time the required expertise?

That is why I am writing this article!

The reason that we created Moon & Stars Consulting was to assist other companies to have access to the management experience that can be used in the short term to quickly fill this gap and be able to make the number.

How do we assist companies?  Working with the company team, we determine the key challenges and opportunities to deliver the number.  Then using our experience and perhaps that of other consultants with the strong Procter management training, we create the strategies, plans and the execution that will drive the marketplace results.

We know that this works because we have had success with hundreds of clients in addition to our Procter & Gamble businesses.

It is also very cost efficient, since you are getting significant expertise and only need use it in the short term until the plans are in place and generating success.  Not only are we really skilled at what we do, we are fun folks with whom to work.

For some of you, this may seem simplistic, but the ideas are important.  We would just like to support your efforts.  Let us know how we can help.  In any case please stay in touch.  We value our friends.

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