Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lessons from Procter & Gamble – The Next Step

What is your next step to drive profitability as you start 2015?  What worked last year and what will you continue?  What markets and customers will you pursue and what needs to be put in place to be successful?


What is your next step for the right plan that all in your company know and can follow?

As we have written in earlier articles, Procter & Gamble devotes considerable time and effort to creating the specific strategic plan for their overall business and under that plan for each of their business units and brands.

During these early weeks of 2015, P&G has a clear next step.  It is an in-depth review of their plans to insure that they still are on target and will achieve the required results.  This is very important work since it will direct corporate effort and resources.  Once the plan is vetted, they will move quickly to put it into action.  It is understood across the company, the roles and responsibilities of all.  The focus is clear and the next steps known.

How will they accomplish this work?  It involves top management and then as it cascades down, directors and managers.  It is facilitated by professionals with the experience to guide the required data collection and the subsequent reviews.  These professionals are required so that the executives can concentrate on developing the right plans.  Most companies do not have these skills on staff but hire experienced consultants to assist the company.  It provides a very positive ROI on the relatively small amount of funding required.

What are you doing?  If you need help in either creating the right plan to start or refining an existing plan and committing it to written form so that all can follow, please contact us.  We have a wealth of experience both at Procter & Gamble as well as with companies in a broad range of industries.



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