Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Analyzing Your Business Needs - And a Free Offer

Many companies struggle under the weight of large amounts of data. They have been unable to effectively and efficiently turn it into useful information. Worse still, they have not been able to use it to successfully analyze the business and therefore take the steps necessary to either handle the challenges or take advantage of the opportunities.

We have developed a simple questionnaire that we use with our clients to provide a snap shot of the business and can lead to targeted effort on improvements. This may help you analyze your business as well.

Just respond to each statement below with a simple ranking.
1 Strongly Disagree
2 Disagree
3 Neither Agree nor Disagree
4 Agree
5 Strongly Agree

Maver Management Group Business Self Assessment
1. Our business goals are clear and have been communicated to all employees.

2. Our business progress is at or above forecast and is accelerating.

3. We have a written business plan and strategies that are known by all managers and guide their activities.

4. We understand our core competencies and our business plans are built on them.

5. We have identified the key issues facing the company and a specific plan is in place to address each issue.

6. Our company and our products have a clear positioning and it is promoted by Sales and Marketing.

7. There is a clear customer focus across the organization.

8. We are a preferred supplier to our customers.

9. Our revenue and profit is usually very close to forecast.

10. Our financial measures and results are known and understood by all managers.

11. We have clear metrics that measure the progress on each of our business plan strategies and the advancement toward our long term goals.

12. We understand the bottlenecks in our operations and have programs in place to address them.

13. We have a strong development and training program for our personnel.

14. We have alliances with other companies that extend our capabilities cost effectively.

15. New products make up a growing percent of our business and their market introductions are at or ahead of forecast.

If you have ranked any with 1 or 2, you have identified an area of concern. If you have more than two or three statements ranked this way, you may have a significant problem ahead of you. Very few executives have ranked their operations as all 4s or 5s. If you rank your company in this way, you might want to get a second opinion from within your company. Generally, when this happens the others see the business differently.

This should give you a start on identifying the issues that are holding you back and also the areas upon which you might build to accelerate your progress.

Special OfferSince we use this tool regularly, share your results with us and we will provide an analysis of your results free of charge.

We’ll even discount our regular business planning price if we can help you use the analysis to accelerate your business progress.

Try it out!



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