Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are you a Leader?

Of course you are! If you are holding any management or executive position you must be a leader. Or at least have some leadership qualities. But what are the key leadership qualities. Much has been written about leadership and many, many great leaders have been studied in detail. Some actually become “icons” by virtue of their success and that may or may now have anything to do with their leadership style.

We are not suggesting that you exhibit all of the attributes listed below. If you did, we all would be following you as an “icon”. The key is to review them and understand which ones fit you now and which ones you believe you could adopt to make you more effective. Be selective and pick the few that will provide the greatest leverage to you and your organization.

Leaders (distilled from High Impact Leadership by Mark Sanborn):
1. Spend 50-75% of their day focusing on the top 3-4 items in their business.
2. Focus on how best to use their time and energy and the time and energy of others.
3. Not only do things right, they do the right things.
4. Use future focus, strategic anticipation.
5. Achieve excellence by investing additional time and energy if it makes the product, service, or outcome noticeably better for their business.
6. Determine how to get people & organizations to improve.
7. Recognize the importance of setting goals for employees that are not easy to achieve.
8. Recognize that change is an indisputable good condition and make change (improvement) a necessity.
9. Involve people in how change will take place.
10. Continually grow through study and introspection.
11. Dare to be different.
12. Constantly ask themselves and others what has been done to add value to the organization.
13. Make sure they are asking the right questions and search for all the right answers.
14. Learn to act on incomplete information.
15. Are willing to make more mistakes.
16. Follow the adage "if it isn't broken, make it better".
17. Create a sense of urgency - ask "What's next?"
18. Realize that performance is achieved through coaching, training and practice.
19. Lead with enthusiasm.
20. Leaders Create Leaders.

How did you do? Did you recognize qualities about yourself on this list? What should you be doing that you could be doing that would make you a more effective leader?

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