Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lessons from Procter & Gamble – A Marketing Checklist

Procter & Gamble’s marketing plans are often quite sophisticated and extensive. They use research in almost every element of the plan to insure that they get the maximum effect from each. Then they monitor the progress, making adjustments as required. This can be expensive and very labor intensive. But, with billion dollar global brands the cost per package is quite reasonable and the incremental sales make the payout quite profitable. You may not have the billion dollar brands of the extensive research facilities. So here are the key elements that Procter & Gamble reviews and that you can do, as well. It fits with both the sale of products or services.

• There is a written plan in place and it has been communicated throughout the organization.

• The target market has been defined and our potential clients or customers, their usage habits and practices, as well as their buying channels and patterns are known.
• The problems, issues and challenges they are facing have been identified.
• The benefit that they will obtain from the use of my product as the solution to their problem has been clearly articulated. It answers the client/customer question “what’s in it for me, the customer?”
• Some form of research has been conducted to determine if the benefit that I am suggesting is actually seen and understood as a value to my targets and has an inherent unique and meaningful competitive advantage that explains why I am different than my competition.
• The benefits I am claiming can be supported by proof in some form through testing, referrals or in market experience.
• The tone of my positioning will resonate with my target and enable them to accept my offerings in the most positive frame of mind.

• Everything about my business, including my personal presentation, marketing materials, etc. are presented in a way that truly supports all aspects of the positioning.
• Distribution channels are in place that make your product or service readily available to potential customers.
• Multiple promotional and marketing channels for delivering your message are being used to reach customers most effectively and are appropriate for that channel.
• My products or services, what I do and how I do it, are clearly presented and how they solve clients problems.


• There is a clearly identified tracking system in place for each of the FEW key measures so that changes can be made to plans quickly to optimize their impact.

These are admittedly, simplistic measures for your plan. We would be remiss if we also did not include the need to have available the expertise required to create and operate a high powered plan. You will note that Procter & Gamble employs, trains and upgrades a very large body of expertise from junior managers through senior executives. This doesn’t mean that you have to duplicate their organization. Most companies can do this with experienced consultants, either on a project basis or retainer. That is the most cost effective.

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