Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social Media Award

AVG just won the Best Use of Social Media award from Computer Weekly Social Media Awards. James Garner accepted the prize in the picture above. They have been clients of ThoughtLabs, a social media strategic company that brings customers closer to companies through technology. They have been working together for three years.

Why are we posting this news item on our blog? Two reasons. The first is that it indicates how important the right social media strategy and plan can be to companies today to give them a competitive edge. That competitive edge can drive business acceleration and increased profitability in a number of ways. The second is that one of the founders and partners is John Maver Jr. and we are very proud of him, awards or not.

If you are looking for business acceleration analysis and plans, contact us. If you are looking for business acceleration social media efforts contact ThoughtLabs.



John Maver
Maver Management Group
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Maver Management
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