Friday, August 8, 2014

Lessons from P&G - Integrity


We have written several times about core values of an organization.  Our experience at Procter & Gamble made us believers and we became accustomed to dealing with colleagues with integrity.  Those that didn’t got weeded out quite quickly as they came into the global headquarters.

Here is how integrity was explained at P&G. 

Integrity - We always try to do the right thing.  We are honest and straight-forward with each other.  We operate within the letter and spirit of the law.  We uphold the values and principles of P&G in every action and decision.  We are data-based and intellectually honest in advocating proposals, including recognizing risks.

As we formed Moon & Stars Consulting LLC, all with ex Procter people, we naturally assumed that integrity would be a normal part of our lives together.  Building on it we expected to develop a strong business that would apply that same integrity to our clients for their success too.

One can’t assume integrity in some others no matter what the pedigree.  You have to take the practical steps to confirm it.  You will find that the conclusions are not surprising, but so easy to overlook as you look for the best in people.

1 “Trust everyone but cut the cards.”  This is an old poker message and it means make sure that you keep a personal eye on the finances with regular review.  It isn’t enough to have a summary supplied by one person unchecked.  Go to the source and verify.

Make certain that there are at least two signatures on the bank accounts.  In small companies, never let one person handle the finances alone. 

3 Work together and build together.  If you don’t give lack of integrity a chance to get started you can avoid much trouble later. 

4 If you find someone who lacks integrity, rid the company of it immediately.  It is like a cancer and will spread.

These are simple actions and can avoid a great deal of pain to a company.  Don’t be misled by appearances.

If you need some help on this issue with your company, contact us.  We would be happy to help.


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