Monday, August 18, 2014

Lessons from Procter & Gamble – Valuing Experience and Expertise

What is the greatest challenge facing executives today?  It isn’t opportunity or drive or brain power.  Today’s executives are faced with more challenges, but less time than ever before.  Most are relatively new to their jobs as the average length of tenure for a CEO is just over two years.  They are being asked to handle issues like the experienced executives of old who have a great deal of expertise. 


Despite being very smart with boundless energy, the new management can be babes in the senior management ranks.


It would seem to make sense that the senior executives and particularly the CEO gets some help, at least in the short term, to do, teach and mentor.  The impact on not just productivity but on the business acceleration can be significant.  This doesn’t have to be a full time hire. Getting an experienced consultant with expertise can be the most cost effective.  Use them to provide the short term boost and then handle the business as before, but with the benefit of the new training.


At Procter & Gamble throughout our years, there were many senior managers available to help with a specific need.  They had faced the challenges before and had both the expertise and expertise to guide us.  As a result we didn’t have the struggles learn and understand how to best capitalize on the opportunities.  At Moon & Stars Consulting, we do the same for our clients.


Take advantage of the “grey hairs” and benefit from their expertise and expertise.




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