Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another reason to Align Employees with The Strategic Plan

Lewis Green has written an article today Leaders Reap the Benefits of the Reality They Create. It talks about the very high number of employees, 65%, that are "job hunting". While the stated reason is salary it is much more.

The 65% number hits home with me. In many companies with whom I speak, the employees are frustrated "by management". Management is the catch all. Their dissatisfaction comes largely from not understanding or having ownership of the company’s actions. Yet they seem to be responsible for the results. What a waste of potential!

One of the articles that I have published is Aligning Employees with the Strategic Plan and the importance of doing so. My thoughts are similar to Lewis' in terms of the criticality of actually talking to the employees and letting them participate. In all of the strategic planning work my company has done, we have cascaded the plans down so that there is a buy-in and the human resources are harnessed and not driven away.

It seems so simple and yet so few are doing it.

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Lewis Green said...


Not only is the idea simple to understand, it may be the most important strategy within a company's plan.