Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Magic of Alliances

Robert Middleton has an article on his The More Clients Blog entitled The Magic of Alliances.

I added the following comment

Alliances can be magic, particularly for single proprietors or small groups which covers most of us. I have found with the Maver Management Group which does business acceleration consulting that alliances have had the following magic and benefits:

  1. They enable me to focus on my core competencies which are identifying issues and opportunities for my clients and then creating the business and strategic plans to take advantage of them to drive the business forward.
  2. Alliances extend the services I can offer to my clients.
  3. In doing so it provides a barrier to entry that insulates the clients from competition of mine.
  4. They enable me to provide more in depth knowledge in a particular industry or problem.
  5. Alliances can identify additional clients and opportunities for me with their client base.
  6. My alliances are smart people and I learn from them. They provide “summaries” of the days important topics that I can then use with my clients to show my “brilliance”.
  7. They make me a better consultant from their input on what I do and I reciprocate.
  8. They give me someone to talk with and we provide a sounding board for each other.
  9. My alliance partners are great people and I just enjoy their company

    Yes there are other reasons too but these are the main ones. Thanks for the trigger to me publishing these magic benefits.

    John Maver
    Maver Management Group

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