Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Business Model – More Support

Recently, I wrote about a new business model that can accelerate business progress and is also extremely cost effective. This is the link to the article: The Cost Effective Way to Drive Business. Essentially, it makes use of experienced consultants who do the strategic and planning work, capitalizing on their knowledge, supported by lower level workers who are responsible for the execution of the tasks.

There are a number of staffing companies starting to provide this service of experienced consultants. Executive recruiters, for example, are finding short term opportunities for the talent in their data bases to the benefit of their clients, the candidates and of course themselves. This capitalizes on the new economy where companies are reluctant to commit to larger personnel expenditures or realize that there are significant unproductive periods in the executive week. This trend is spreading with other staffing companies offering the service of C level consultants on a short term or part time basis.

As a CEO or President you might consider this model and make use of the significant talent pool that is available to you at a relatively low cost. The great news is that you can test the model out in your business with no downside, as you can terminate it immediately in the unlikely event it doesn’t pay out.

To be clear, I am not recommending the use of large consulting firms for this model like McKinsey or Bain. No! Rather I am recommending experienced single or partnerships of very experienced executives who have the specific talents and track records required for your particular situation. You don’t want to trade one set of substantial overhead internally for another externally, all which impact your bottom line. Get lean and hire lean.

You may perceive this to be a very biased point of view since the Maver Management Group is a successful consulting company to C level individuals. While there is definitely a benefit to us from this model, it also reflects my long experience at the executive level with very large established companies, Procter & Gamble and Clorox, who operate with extensive executive staffs and generally promote from within. I have seen both sides of this opportunity. Hence, I am recommending it to my clients, whether they are well established or in the start up mode.

Please contact us if we can help you either create the plans for your company or set this model in operation to accelerate your business.



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