Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peace of mind

How is your piece of mind these days?

The pace of business is getting faster and faster. Customers and clients are becoming more demanding and lead times are getting shorter and shorter. Unfortunately payments are stretching out which causes financial stress to many companies. This financial stress is compounded by the business increases and the inventory and accounts receivable builds that go along with it. Cash flow is under pressure. Priorities are shifting and today’s top project may be gone tomorrow. The cutbacks in personnel have caused process problems and often times those employees who remain are handling multiple responsibilities, some of which are outside their personal core competencies.

Are you experiencing any or all of this in your company?

It can make you feel like you are out of control. We have written often about the importance of a written business plan that identifies for the company and all of the employees the direction you want to go and how you expect to get there. Having this game plan significantly reduces the stress. While it may not solve all of the pressures outlined above, it can put you more in control and that changes the entire outlook for you and the business.

You do have a written business plan, right???

How is it working for you? If you are having problems, perhaps either you have the wrong plan or it requires a tune up. Let us know if we can assist you in this.

A related question is, what do you have as your “security blanket”. As I watch our children over the years and our grandchildren today, I realize that all of them have a “security blanket” of some form. It can actually be a blanket or a stuffed animal or something comforting. But they all have one. They turn to it to reduce stress and give them peace of mind.

You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with me? I am a mature adult and I have no need for something this childlike.” In part, you are correct. You probably don’t want a real blanket or stuffed animal. But you do need something or someone toward which you can turn to help ease the stress and provide peace of mind. Take a look at pro athletes. They all have personal coaches, attitude coaches, motivators etc.

Most senior executives do not have anything like a “security blanket” and would never admit that they needed one. However, we encourage you to reflect on that issue for a moment. When times are stressful or you are having difficulty working through thorny issues with the business or an employee, to whom can you turn for help? You can’t go to your subordinates. They would sense weakness and really just want solutions not problems. You can’t go to the Board or to your boss. They too want solutions. After all, that’s for what they hired you. Spouses are loving but generally not involved enough in the business or its intricacies to provide unbiased help.

So to whom can you turn?

We recommend, hiring on retainer a senior, experienced professional who has been where you are and can provide solid, unbiased feedback, guidance, motivation and even training to you. This person can serve as a sounding board to let you explore alternatives as you work through challenges and opportunities. This trusted advisor, who keeps all of your interactions confidential, can be your “security blanket”.

You may not think this idea would work for you. Let me suggest that you take a look at some children and see how relaxed they are when they have their security blanket. What are you missing?

Contact us if we can be of assistance. We have been providing “security blankets” for many clients for years.



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