Tuesday, December 18, 2007

“How’s that working for you”

By John Maver

“How’s that working for you” is often asked by Dr Phil to his guests. While in most cases, it is meant to lead the reinforcement that their behavior is incorrect, it also is a way of actually getting feedback.

Writing these posts as a one way communication is very much like talking to oneself. That can be okay unless you find yourself say “Huh?” a lot.

The objective is to share relevant information in a manner that is helpful to the readers. I can only tell that if I hear from you.

So I am asking two things.

First, comment on the posts and let me know your thoughts. Go back to the earlier ones and check out those ideas too. I welcome your feedback and any ideas or additions that you have. That could lead to new posts that might be helpful to you as well as others. I’ll write back to you. This means that you should check back often to see the new posts and the new ideas. You never know which one will be THE ONE that can explode your business forward.

Second, pass on this site to others so that they too can benefit from the ideas. I have found during my years in business that while the specific execution of an idea may not be transferable, the basis of the idea generally is and it can be of great benefit to others. It provides fresh and creative thinking to different industries. The abundance mentality really works.

Thanks for reading and let me ask…

“How’s this working for you?”

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