Monday, December 17, 2007

Summary - CEO Tips I wish I’d had when I started.

By John Maver
Part of a presentation to the Renaisance Forum for CEOs

CEO Tips I wish I’d had when I started. As I said at the beginning, I learned from first hand experience supplemented by a lot of reading. I had some great role models in my life and they were helpful too. Most taught me what to do. Some taught me what not to do so you can learn from everybody. I’ll bet that you had some of both in your career too.

There are many other tips that can be added in subsequent wrings but these are the most important in my experience.
1 What’s my job? What am I responsible for?
2 It’s the people. It’s all about the people.
3 The roadmap to your vision.
4 Who are you? What is the brand YOU?
5 “What’s in it for me” – Your Customer
6 Stick with what you are good at.
7 Do it. Just do it!

I’d offer you one more tip. It comes from consulting with the many clients I have been fortunate to assist.

Invest in an expert to accelerate your progress. If you don’t have the right one(s) in your company hire a consultant. The ROI is substantial.

“Recognize the skills and traits you don’t possess and hire people who have them.”
Howard Schultz – Starbucks

Why do I recommend this? It would be easy to say that since I am a business acceleration management consultant and business advisor, it is self serving. Yes, in a way it is. But it is more than that. Your responsibility as a CEO is to lead. To set the direction and to incorporate the learning such as that above into your operations. One of the tips is to stick to what you are good at. For those areas that are not your core competency, get the right person to help. That may or may not be me. So it is really self serving FOR YOU!!

Make the investment to secure a good business advisor. Do it today. Let me know if we can help.

Remember, there is no rewind button on business or life.

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John I have just found you, done a quick scan and I'll definately be back. Meanwhile I am in the middle of a piece that matches yours on recruitment. So pay me a visit sometime later when its posted and let me know what you think. I'll give you a link back.